Paper Airplane Links

Workman's Paper Airplane Club

Ben Yeomans Paper Airplane Page

Visit the world's largest paper airplane - Spirit '98

Visit the paper airplane museum

Gander Academy Paper Airplane Page

Alex Schultz paper airplane site

Rowin Andruscavage's paper airplane site

Yoshiaki Ohkuwa's web page "Papercraft"

Vidbook Paper Airplane

Andy Chipling's Paper Airplane Association Web Page

Tru-Flite Models - the Wheaties airplanes

Aerodynamics Links

How Airplanes Work

University of Illinois - All About Airfoils

Aerodynamics Software - analysis and education


Education Links

All about flight - history, animals, sports... 

NASA Aerodynamics Education

National Coalition for Aviation Education
PO Box 28086
Washington, DC 20038
Note: the web page may be down, but send for their education resource guide.

Smithsonian Institution Air and Space Museum 

Smithsonian Institution Air and Space Museum - How Things Fly

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